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A multimedia exploration of various materials, techniques and principles for practice and fun!
Birthday Twerk

Rotoscope Loop of a woman twerking.


Exploring the Japanese Aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi through frame by frame animation, used as a meditative practice for connection and reflection. Ongoing Work in Progress.


A series of various paper, and magazine collages. 

Ongoing Work in Progress.

Animation Bootcamp

Exploring basic animation principles like pacing, timing, weight, stop and start, eases. etc.  


Replacement Animated Sequence using various seashells. 


A replacement animated sequence focusing on the colour scheme red, green and blue.

Material Exploration

A reel of a series of loops created in my day to day life all over the world captured on my phone.  An appreciation of the beauty that surrounds me. 


A replacement animated sequence focusing on colour and size using various buttons. 


Stop Motion Replacement Animation using paper planets. 


Stop Motion Animation puppet, and character design.

Film Scratch

Experimentation with Collage, paint and other various materials on 35mm film.  

Sand Animation

An Exploration of animation using sand. 

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