Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Canada, Cristal Buemi holds a BA from Ryerson University and an MA from Bau, Design College of Barcelona.   She has created multilingual works through the use of stop motion animation, film, video, collage, photography and digital design.  Her work pushes frame-by-frame boundaries by exploring the materiality and inherent beauty found in the minutia.  Both her collaborative and individual works have been exhibited in Europe, North and South America.  


Cristal’s passion for pedagogy and creative expression has enabled her involvement in the art education community with various organizations such as TIFF, SKETCH, Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS), The Koffler Centre of the Arts, Creative Users Projects and Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada. As a facilitator she has had the opportunity to work with participants of various ages and backgrounds by leading artistic workshops, talks, camps and courses to help advance their creative practices.


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