Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Canada, Cristal Buemi has created multilingual works through the use of platforms such as stop motion animation, collage, film, photography and digital design.  Her background in digital media (BA - Ryerson University 2009), art fundamentals (Certificate – Sheridan College 2015) and stop motion animation (MA - Bau Design College of Barcelona 2016) are showcased through her mixed media approach that integrates old techniques with new technologies.  Her work is driven by the exploration of materials and how to utilize them in innovative ways. 


   Cristal’s passion for pedagogy and creative dialogue has enabled her to transmit her practices internationally.  She has had the opportunity to work with students of various ages and backgrounds by leading artistic workshops, talks and classes.  Both her collaborative and individual works have been exhibited in Europe, North and South America.   Currently, Cristal’s practice is situated between Toronto and Barcelona.  



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