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Neoteny Apparel Runway Show - Created by Cristal Buemi (2022)

Animated sequence for Runway Projections for Neoteny Apparel, Fashion Art Toronto.  Here is an excerpt of the final video. 

RotoJam 7 - Created by Cristal Buemi (2022)

An animated excerpt created with Sand. Directed by Ash Lo Russo.

Story Time - Created by Cristal Buemi (2021)

Stop Motion Animated commission for North York Arts' 10th Anniversary Exhibition.  I focused on the idea of anniversaries for this piece. Normally they are a time for celebration but most importantly reflection. I wanted to explore this idea when asked “What does North York Arts mean to you”, and represent it through a storybook. But not just any storybook, one that comes to life through unique materials, textures and colours, one frame at a time. I feel like this eclectic diversity represents the incredible community that NYA has helped grow. A place to feel safe, inspired, and nurtured which is represented through beautiful glowing light. My hopes with this piece are that you too can feel the wonderment, and imagination that comes along with reflecting on the past, but more importantly when looking towards the future.

Venus Fest Five - Video created by Cristal Buemi and Music by Ah-Mer-Ah-Su (2021)

Venus Fest is a Toronto not-for profit music festival and concert series.  Video was created for a gallery installation alongside other mixed media artists.

Breathe Stretch Repeat - Created by Cristal Buemi (2020 + 2022)

An animated moment of calmness and reflection using frame by frame animation techniques.  As part of an online exhibit "Pandemic Postcards" funded and presented by Harbourfront Centre Toronto.  Later exhibited as part of Harbourfront Centre’s CoMotion Festival in 2022.  

Gaea (RotoJam 6) - Created by Cristal Buemi in collaboration with the RotoJam Collective (2020)

An animation excerpt created with Salt.  Directed by Ash Lo Russo.

Gaea Trailer

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