Here you can discover my most recent multidisciplinary films, commissioned works and collaborations. 

An animated mixed media visualizer created for Julia Carlucci's single "All In" ft. T.J. Wilkins.

All In
Loop Created by Cristal Buemi +
Photography Pat Ryder
Toronto, Canada.  2021
Notes on: Cristal Buemi
Research Project by Cecilia Araneda, Interviewee Cristal Buemi
Toronto, Canada.  2021

In 2021, Cecilia Araneda spoke with Cristal Buemi as part of a multi-year curatorial research project on Latin Canadian cinema. This is a brief extract of her research. 

Latin Canadian Cinema Research Project

Breathe Stretch Repeat
Created by Cristal Buemi 
Toronto, Canada.  2020

An animated moment of calmness and reflection.  As part of an online exhibit "Pandemic Postcards" funded and presented by Harbourfront Centre Toronto.  

Pandemic Postcards Exhibit

Best For You
Production Design by Cristal Buemi.
Los Angeles, California.  2020

Production Design and Set Dressing for Julia Carlucci's "Best For You" music video.  Directed by Movie Maker Mitch.


Best For you Music Video

Best For You.png
Best For You
Digital Design by Cristal Buemi.
Toronto, Canada.  2020

Digital collage for single artwork for Julia Carlucci's "Best For You".    

Best for You Artwork

Gaea (RotoJam 6)
Created by Cristal Buemi in collaboration with the RotoJam Collective.  
Toronto, Canada.  2020

An animation excerpt created with Salt.  Directed by Ash Lo Russo.

Gaea Trailer

The Isle
Production Design + Stop Motion Animation by Cristal Buemi.
Toronto, Canada.  2020

Production Design and Stop Motion Animation for Jon Lootz's "The Isle" music video.  Directed by Movie Maker Mitch. 

The Isle Music Video

Production Design by Cristal Buemi.
Toronto, Canada.  2020

Production Design, set dressing and wardrobe for Meagan De Lima's RGB EP release.  Including music videos for "Inside" (Red), "Just Fine" (Green) and "On and On" (Blue). 

Inside Music Video

Just Fine Music Video

On and On Music Video

City Lights
Created by Cristal Buemi, Alba Mediba + Jennifer Dunham 
Toronto, Canada.  2019

A Stop Motion, Mixed Media Music Video for Erich Mrak's City Lights. (Unreleased)

City Lights Music Video

Graphics/Playback created by Cristal Buemi.
Carrizozo, New Mexico.  2019

Dark web, Conspiracy Thrilling graphics and playback for "Wander", starring Aaron Eckhart, Tommy Lee Jones and Heather Graham.  As well as working on set dressing and build. Directed by April Mullen.  Stills courtesy of Saban Films, Paramount Movies and Wango Films.

Wander Trailer

Created by Cristal Buemi + Ludwig Camarillo 
Barcelona, Spain.  2016

A chair demonstrates the possibilities contained in its shape through its reflection. The way imagination can affect perception is discovered throughout this journey. In the end, the essence of the chair remains, but our interpretation of it has changed.


Making Of

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